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    The Women of Wakanda: Which one are you?

    As Black Panther continues to break the internet in the best way possible, there’s no doubt the women in the movie have been admired for their various qualities which contribute to the success of T’Challa’s reign and victory over Eric Kilmonger.

    This got me pondering, which of the main female characters I identified with the most.

    I was also reminded of those Cosmo magazine quizzes that asked: “Which Sex in The City character are you?” I’d be interested to see if any mainstream magazines run the same type of quiz for the Women of Wakanda (inserts cricket noises here!).

    Anywho! Instead of waiting for those glossy mainstream magazines to offer such random quizzes, Y’all can read below to see which of the fierce females of Wakanda best fits your personality. Enjoy!

    Queen Mother of Wakanda 

    T’Challa’s mother, Ramonda, the former queen of Wakanda is the calm, nurturing figurehead of her family. Her regal confidence is effortless and she is clearly one of those mothers that can make you re-think any cheeky comments or foolish actions with a stern look.

    The only time we see her depart from her usual calm nature is when T’Challa is taken down by Kilmonger, and she shouts like a passionate momma shouting from courtside “SHOW HIM WHO YOU ARE!” This was enough to motivate T’Challa rise and continue to fight cos his momma didn’t raise no punk! LOL!

    She represents a mother that any child would want for support and discipline when required.


    One of Nakia’s superhero abilities is that she is the only girl that can make T’Challa freeze. Lol!

    Her look of innocence and petite frame, works in her favour as a spy. She could fool you into thinking she is a sweet “girl next door” type of female, but do not get it twisted; she knows how to defend herself when required.

    She does however, show compassion when she saves a young soldier from attack by letting T’Challa and Okoye know he was “just a boy”.

    Although she loves T’Challa, she is not letting him think she is an easy catch, even if he is King, Yasssss girl!!! This is what young girls and women need to see. It may be a fictional movie but Nakia shows that she will not let a man easily claim her. Respect is a pre-requisite.

    General Okoye 

    Now I wanted to write this post without showing bias, BUUUUTTT, General Okoye; leader of the fantastically fierce Dora Milaje is hands-down my favourite Wakandan female!

    Miss Okoye embodies what every leader of an army should be.

    The citizens of Wakanda knows this woman will do everything in her power to protect their peace, which leads me to realise that her loyalty to Wakanda is no different to a mother protecting her family and her home.

    Not even when her “love”, W’Kabi, tries to sweet talk her after he sides with the enemy; my girl was not having any of it. She may love him, but she loves Wakanda even more! Yaaaassss Girl!

    General Okoye is confident, but not cocky and she will not tolerate any types of foolishness. Personal space is also to be respected as we see her instantly prepare for attack when Agent Ross playfully pats T’Challa.

    She is so comfortable in her skin, that she feels like a fool when having to wear a wig to fit in during a key fight scene in the movie. It was a joy to see her take it off and fling it in the face of a colonizer (I see you with those subtle messages, Ryan Coogler! Well played Sir.)


    T’Challa’s younger sister is one of the coolest “nerds” you could come across.

    She is super-smart and would be recommended as your first pick when choosing team members for a pub-quiz.

    Not only is she responsible for the creation of the Black Panther’s newest suit, she is also a surgeon and operates Wakanda’s Vibranium charged underground railroad.

    She loves adventure and is always ready and willing to leave her lab to join the action with her brother.

    The playful banter between her and T’Challa makes her the usual cheeky little sister, but her love for her brother is strong.


    So there you have it! The Women of Wakanda. Who do you feel you are most like?

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