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Lupita Nyong’o

  • Curly Crown Spotlight

    The Women of Wakanda: Which one are you?

    As Black Panther continues to break the internet in the best way possible, there’s no doubt the women in the movie have been admired for their various qualities which contribute to the success of T’Challa’s reign and victory over…

  • Curly Crown Spotlight


    There are a few momentous occasions in my life that I have felt blessed to witness. Two of which are: Watching President Barack Obama’s victory walk with his family soon after the 2008 elections. Michael Jackson at Wembley Stadium…

  • Curly Crown Spotlight


    A few months ago I felt like a kid at Christmas whilst watching the first official trailer for the new Marvel Black Panther movie which is scheduled for release next year February. I was so inspired by the trailer…

  • Curly Crown Spotlight

    Marvel’s Epic Black Panther Trailer

    Let me just start by confirming that I was never really a comic book fan during my childhood, but I do have an appreciation for the contemporary movie adaptations like the X-Men film series, The Avengers (Thor, Iron Man,…