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On the cover of the September issue of O magazine, Ms. Winfrey has decided to embrace a kinkier side and by this I mean her choice of hair.

Adorned with a 3.5lb afro wig Oprah looks every bit the proud lioness and she even admits on her Facebook page that this is one of her favourite covers to date.

Her smile screams “I am Woman, hear me roar” and I can’t help but smile when analysing this photo which radiates the fun she clearly had during this shoot.

The cover could easily be mistaken for a vintage Ebony magazine thanks to the fro and this leads me to think Oprah with ‘natural’ hair looks younger.

On her website a slideshow reveals some behind the scene shots from the cover shoot and some insight on how her hair stylist, Andre Walker cares for Oprah’s own hair, whilst shamelessly plugging his own line (But hey! A brother’s gotta pay bills!).

I’m not gonna lie it warms my heart to see a public figure such as Oprah and more black women embracing their kink for the world to admire.

I do not however, envy the person who has to detangle that hefty wig! LOL!

The September issue of O Magazine is available on Tuesday, August 13 (I believe in the US) – I’m not sure when for the rest of the world. I will be definitely making the purchase to read more.

Until then, you can browse her Behind the Scenes slide show from the shoot on her site.

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