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    Nubian Naturals – On and Loc-ing!

    It is a well-known fact amongst my peers that I do not like going to the hairdressers, and one of the main reasons I decided to return to my natural hair was so I could avoid the process altogether.

    I have had one too many experiences of visiting a salon nervously clutching a cut-out of some random celebrity or model from a black hair magazine and confusing the stylist by instructing them I want the front to look like this and the back to look like that ….. but only a little longer, and all too often having the end result akin to Edward Scissorhands.

    If I had to create a list of my least favourite activities; I would say along, with going to the bank, waiting for luggage at airports, and eating spinach, visiting the hairdressers is definitely a staple.

    This past weekend, however my faith was restored and my mind put at ease when I visited Nubian Naturals, right here in Barbados.

    When I first moved to the island, Nubian Naturals was recommended by one of my Facebook friends in the UK, when I wanted to style my then longer natural hair. I began my research by “Liking” their Facebook page but I never got around to making my appointment; which was probably due to my “salon phobia”. It was however a name I kept hearing.

    As a specialist in locs, Nubian Naturals are not just any back-street salon that can hook you up with a cute loc-do, they are professional and from what I have witnessed, a respectable brand. Their Facebook and Instagram pages have thousands of followers and clearly exhibit the quality of their work.

    Fast forward to present day and after three failed attempts to dye my hair at home, I decided to give Nubian Naturals a call.

    As with every other visit to a new salon I was nervous (a symptom of my “salon phobia”), but was distracted by the cosy reception area with cushions as soon as you walk in. I love when any business pays attention to detail and the attractive wooden décor reflects the company name “Nubian Naturals”.

    So I sat and waited, already deciding that if I had to wait for more than 45 minutes I was going to leave (another cause for my salon phobia), but around fifteen minutes later I was welcomed by the stylist who was ready for me (YAY!!!)

    Now I forgot to say that I wasn’t going for any ordinary colour. I wanted to dye my hair purple. YES purple dammit! (blog post to follow!), and this was another reason for my nerves because I had to lift my black hair with bleach. The Head stylist Kelly and Ari (who tended to my curls) was very reassuring and most importantly they were NICE! Again I have had too many experiences of walking into a salon heaving with attitude and unfriendly stylists which also lends to my avoidance of hair salons. The energy at Nubian Naturals is pleasant and friendly between the stylists and clients.

    Another highlight of my visit was the final wash with cold water and peppermint. I’m not gonna lie, I felt like Nefertiti up in that crank!

    So to put it in a nut-shell, Nubian Naturals is a serious contender when it comes to professionalism, talent, atmosphere and also as a brand in the hair industry – not just in Barbados, but globally and this is not an exaggeration, based on salons I have been to in the UK and US.

    Yeah you may be a talented hairstylist but I know from experience and even girl-talk with friends and colleagues, if you’re not about your business and your attitude is not right, clients will go elsewhere or avoid you altogether.

    Thank you Nubian Naturals for restoring my faith ;o)

    Nubian Naturals are located in Husbands, St. James (Barbados)

    For more details on Nubian Naturals you can find them online:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NubianNaturals
    Twitter: @NubianNaturals
    Instagram: instagram.com/nubiannaturals


    Before, during and after

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  • Reply Nikita Hill August 15, 2013 at 2:10 am

    First of all, me neva know you does blog, my gal :-). Yes Nubian Naturals has bend around for ages and always had a good reputation . I have a few friends who are part of their dedicated clientele. Your frustrations are quite similar to mine about hair people whether it be a hairdresser or braider here in the UK. That’s why when you find one that don’t make you wanna go home and cry or cut off your head then you know you have entered in a committed relationship for life! When I lived in Barbados, I could walk into a hairdressers even the back street ones and say hook me up and never had any issues. But here in the UK so far I does have to keep my hairstyles or braids fairly simple cause showing that hair pic of what I want causes confused looks, uncertain technique and a tutorial by myself on how ‘that particular way of parting is not gonna work for the hairstyle blah blah ‘ then a small debate ensues, then we come to a middle ground then I still still don’t leave with what I wanted in the first place but with a decent enough hairstyle…. So I have learnt to keep it simples!
    Now moving to London where there is more variety than the country of natural hairdressers, I shall do research and find a reputable place I can feel at ease in ( hopefully).
    Your hair looks fab and looking forward to your next blog. Good read…

    • Reply shokicurlycrown August 15, 2013 at 3:02 am

      Thank you Nikita. It sounds like you are well aware of the struggle. Lol! Nubian Naturals will be top of mind when I need to go to a salon again

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