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    New Year, New Gym, New Focus

    Like the millions of people around the globe who have promised themselves to get fit in 2016, I too re-packed my gym bag and made a pact with myself to improve my health and fitness.

    At the beginning of January, I signed up for a new CrossFit box which rolled out a “28 day jump start” challenge whereby I was required to attend three classes, as well as execute three personal workout challenges per week.

    What I love about this gym is the variety of classes which include WOD’s (Workout of the Day), boxercise and even dance, all of which I enjoy and which keeps my workout regime interesting.

    So what makes this year’s “resolution” different to my past self-promises to reach optimum fitness?


    Late last year, a trainer at my previous gym did a double-take when I turned up after a brief hiatus and he simply asked me “whats up?” I responded that I was having challenges resuming my early morning WODs because I had recently returned from vacation where I kinda ate everything and just could not get back into the swing of working out.

    His simple response was “Stay Focused”

    This made me realise, exactly what I was lacking. My workouts were always taking second or even third place in my list of priorities and I wasn’t focused. That simple statement basically stuck with me.

    As obvious as the “stay focused” mantra is, it is so easy for many to divert off the fitness path with distractions like busy work schedules, children, school work and other day to day responsibilities, which also need to be completed.

    So far this year, I’ve managed to stay on track and my strategy moving forward is to become slightly obsessed with focusing on improving my fitness levels. I already know that some days will be easier than others, but here are some of the tactics I’ve used to help me stay on track so far:

    1. Find a type of workout you like (There are soooooo many to choose from – Zumba, boxercise, CrossFit, line dancing, squash, the list goes on and on).
    2. Visualisation – Take a few moments in the day to imagine reaching your goals – how you would feel, what you would look like and even what would you would wear. Enjoy that feeling!
    3. Watch YouTube videos of other inspirational people doing the workouts you enjoy, follow them on Instagram, Facebook or any social media channels where they provide updates. You can also read up on what they do to stay focused.
    4. Love the feeling of sore muscles (sounds sick I know). If your muscles feel sore a few days after a good workout, take comfort in knowing that you challenged yourself and your muscles responded and strengthening. It’s all a part of the process.
    5. Positive self-talk during workouts (See some examples below)
    6. Reward yourself along the journey for staying focused and reaching goals you have set for yourself.

    Positive Self-Talk

    Here are some of the things you can say to yourself to keep you motivated on your fitness journey.

    Scenario and what you want to say What you should Say
    When your trainer says – “One more set” (of exercises) and you say (to yourself of course) “WTH? No way. You’re trying to kill me!”
    giphy Intense PT


    “Come on [Insert your name here]! You can do this. I’m almost done.








    When your trainer says – “You can go heavier with that weight” and you say “Umm Hells no I can’t”

    giphy Kandi Huh



    Ok lemme give it a try.

    *Disclaimer – If you have an injury – don’t be a hero! Let your trainer know if they are not aware it’s a man down situation!






    Before the work out you try to negotiate with yourself about whether to work out and you’re tempted to say “I’ll just do it tomorrow”

    giphy Lazy Day


    “Let me just go and put in at least half an hour” You will probably end up staying longer than you expected and will be one step closer to your goal.







    You are near the end of  your work out and you don’t think you can finish it and you say to yourself “Uggghhhh I can’t do anymore”








    Begin to pace yourself for the remaining moments and say to yourself to “Finish strong”

    When you have given your all to that final rep, you can walk away from the challenge like Iron Man.

    giphy Iron Man




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  • Reply justadramatherapist21 March 7, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    You know what Curly Crown. ..what I love about your words is that it speaks so much truth and the visuals you used just tickles me with laughter because the struggle is real! What’s reassuring is that the journey of fitness and developing a healthy lifestyle is a collective challenge for us ladues, but your solutions are achievable and realistic. Thank you for the encouragement with the Curly Crown humour sprinkled in with a swirl of chocolate truffle 🌟
    What I need to read about next is the struggle of maintaining the crown depending on the style 🙈. That’s a whole different menu in itself 😣😉

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