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    My Current Favourite Natural Hair Products

    Favourite Natural Hair Products

    Like most curly-crowned sistas, yours truly has been an active product-tester who takes up space in the aisles of the beauty shops scanning the ingredients of the latest hair-care products to anoint my dome of springy, sometimes frizzy coils.

    However, as I became more acquainted with my hair texture over the years, my bathroom shelf has become less cluttered with products and even led me to the grocery aisles of the supermarket for “natural” haircare alternatives.

    The “Keep it Simple” rule has definitely returned the best results and here are the latest products which are my favourites…. For nowJ.

    Water – Yup Good ole h2O!

    Although this would not necessarily be a “product” for hair care, water is a constant in my hair care routine and not just on wash day. A spritz bottle of water and glycerine helps to soften hair when it is feeling drier. The good thing about using a spritz bottle is that you can set the spray to the mist setting so that you do not completely saturate the hair.

    Giovanni Products (Shampoo and Conditioner)

    Giovanni Products

    This line of products is a popular choice amongst many natural hair YouTube vloggers.

    I particularly like Giovanni products as there are no sulfates or parabens, which should be avoided on natural hair.

    I mostly co-wash and the conditioner is very rich and lathers well, which leaves my hair feeling very clean and softer.

    Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is a more recent staple, and I usually apply this just after washing and conditioning my hair to seal in the moisture.

    Shea Moisture’s Leave-In Conditioner


    The Shea Moisture product line is another popular choice with prominent natural hair stylists on social media and I have only recently started to see this on the shelves of beauty supply stores here in Barbados.

    I use the “Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner” which is great at moisturising dry hair and not too heavy on the hair in terms of grease factor. It smells great too.

    Just like the Giovanni products this product has no sulfates, parabens or mineral oils.

    Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control

    Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control

    Eco Styler gel used to be a staple “edge layer” for me, however I have noticed that more product lines are producing specific “edge ointments” claiming to lay your edges flatter than a pancake!

    I decided to give Design Essential’s ….. a try.

    When you first apply this product, it does the trick in slicking down your hair line, I have found though that it can leave faint white marks later during the day and the hold is probably not as long as you would find with a normal gel.

    What I do like though is that it does not dry out your edges, which can lead to breakage.

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