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    Mind over Age – CrossFit Athlete Constance Tillett

    CrossFit Athlete Constance Tillett (Photo Credit: YouTube)
    CrossFit Athlete Constance Tillett
    (Photo Credit: YouTube)

    Last week my colleague sent me a link from MindBodyGreen which highlighted ladies who are remarkable examples of staying active in their senior years.

    Whilst scrolling through the article, one particular lady stood out for me, simply because her choice of workout is CrossFit.

    Constance Tillett, aged 77, who has experienced ill-health and undergone major surgeries which include hip and knee replacements, has adopted CrossFit as her exercise of choice following the suggestion from her son to give this type of exercise a try.

    Her story will warm the coldest heart and is a great source of motivation because the main message I grabbed from this is that there are literally no excuses not to keep it moving in some form or fashion.

    For me, having started CrossFit just under a year ago, I am inspired to continue my journey with more vigour.

    CrossFit is by no means the easiest feat. I would even go as far to say it is the hardest type of exercise (Boxercise is a very close second) that I have ever done. Rolling out of bed at 5am is the first part of my struggle, with the expectation that my physicality and spirit will be tested to the highest degree; all before I even start work!

    There is however a feeling of satisfaction when you finish a CrossFit workout, knowing that you made it through with most of your faculties intact and met your objective towards improving your level of fitness.

    So Mrs. Constance Tillett, I salute you. Not only for taking up a workout that “sometimes” makes me collapse and wish for teleporting skills to get home. You have not let your age limit you from advancing in your health and fitness journey, because let us not forget that the journey never ends right?!

    Click the links below to watch more on Constance’s CrossFit journey and witness her awesome spirit.


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  • Reply galeweithers September 17, 2015 at 1:00 am

    What an inspiration! I need to stop whining and just get up!

  • Reply Fitoru mct January 13, 2020 at 11:53 pm

    You are an inspiring woman. Age should not stop us from doing things that we think can make us healthy and stronger.

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