Whether we like to admit it or deny it, as much as we are different we are kinda the same.

Now I know this would appear to be blindingly obvious, however the part that tickles me are the similar traits which are embedded into our DNA based on our heritage.

As I was born and raised in London, to bajan parents it would be strange for me not to have a grain of a bajan trait peeking from somewhere.

Stereotyping is often looked down upon, but I’m gonna take a moment to put a positive spin on it and acknowledge my five traits that make me inherently Bajan.

  1. I am attracted to anything with flour

You name it; salt bread, bakes, warm turnovers, coconut bread or anything with at least 70% flour makes me salivate. Damn you Carbs!


  1. I LOVE, and I mean I LOVE Beres Hammond

Bajan’s have adopted this living reggae legend, and in Bim he is affectionately known as ‘Uncle Beres’.

This man could sing the entire telephone directory and he will do so to a sold out crowd at the National Stadium.


  1. Hyper-sensitivity to rudeness

Barbadians are generally polite people in social settings. Infants are taught in the early years, whether it be in school, church or the home to say ‘good morning’,’ good afternoon’ or ‘good evening’ when entering a room.

Do not dare to enter a room full of Barbadians without greeting those in there as it will be raining side-eyes whenever you are next in their line of sight!

Whilst Barbadians are not really a nation to get ‘turnt up’ (confrontational), they do not appreciate rudeness. I too am allergic to it and can detect it very easily.


  1. I can make a mean macaroni pie

As the unofficial national dish of Bimshire, this high carb, high calorific plate is on the menu at most local eateries.

On more than one occasion I have heard non-bajan people say that bajan macaroni pie is the best they have ever tasted.


  1. Genetic capability to wuk-up

#fact #thatisall

St Lucy

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