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    Google Confirms the Creators of Cool

    This week Google, the world’s largest search engine, released an ad acknowledging the US Black History Month and is based on historical moments and individuals who are “most searched” for online. 

    Google is largely recognised as the “go-to” search engine for enquiring minds and most people know what to do when they are told to “Google it”, in order to find out something they want to know. 

    This would not be Google’s first ad for Black History month, as last year their campaign focused on #BlackGirlMagic. This year, their ad focuses on famous figures such as Beyonce, Serena Williams, Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King who all rank as the most searched when web users search on Google.

    "Most Searched" Ad Campaign Overview
    Google Highlight the “Most Searched” for Black History Month

    Google are experts in collecting data and the “most searched” categories in the ad have been confirmed by Google Trends – the website that shows what people are searching for online. There is even a website which shares details on the data for each category in the ad.

    Google Trends
    Google Trends is the website that provides data on what people are searching for online.

    The history makers in the ad have made an impact in science, dance, music, sports and a few other areas, which has inspired many. It’s also a confirmation that we, as a melanin-anointed community, create the cool, set trends and make a positive contribution on this planet, despite efforts by entities such as the mainstream media who often try to create a narrative that would suggest otherwise.

    For more details on the history makers featured in the ad and Google’s pledge to support Black and Latino students visit: g.co/blackhistorymonth

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