• Curly Crown Spotlight

    Curly Crowns in Advertising

    The beautiful reality about the “natural hair movement” is the growing representation of curly-crowned sistas in prime-time TV series, in commercials, on billboards and in mainstream magazine advertisements.

    I feel like these ladies stand out to me, simply because this used to be a rare occurrence, so when I do see a TV show or commercial with someone who is rocking their natural hair or afro weave, I have to take a moment to appreciate this representation.

    Having studied the media and as a marketing professional, I have to give a “high-five” to the ad agencies and brands who have selected a lady with her natural hair to represent a segment of their diverse customer demographic.

    Here are some ad campaigns, which made me stop, stare and smile 🙂

    Comment below and let me know of any ads that have embraced diversity in a good way.

    Nissan Leaf Print Ad


    Billboard on a London Bus (Brand Unknown)

    Image credit: Jay Kast
    Image credit: Jay Kast

    Ford Mustang




    Liberty Mutual

    Lime-A-Rita Splash



    Microsoft 10


    Nature’s Valley Granola Bar



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