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    What I Love about Crop Over and Not So Much

    The dust has now settled on the Crop Over festival and many are nursing their carnival tabanca (blues). For me, this year was quite tame as I attended less events than usual and the heavy rain put a new…

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    How I Know I Have Bajan Blood

    Whether we like to admit it or deny it, as much as we are different we are kinda the same. Now I know this would appear to be blindingly obvious, however the part that tickles me are the similar…

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    O Naturelle!

    On the cover of the September issue of O magazine, Ms. Winfrey has decided to embrace a kinkier side and by this I mean her choice of hair. Adorned with a 3.5lb afro wig Oprah looks every bit the…

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    FINALLY!!! Curly Crown Connection it is!

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” – Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare) What’s in a name is exactly what I had to ask myself when thinking of what…