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    A few months ago I felt like a kid at Christmas whilst watching the first official trailer for the new Marvel Black Panther movie which is scheduled for release next year February.

    I was so inspired by the trailer that I wrote about my #Blackgirljoy after witnessing the impressive cast soaked in melanin-goodness. Long story short, if I was able to pre-book my ticket at that point in time, I surely would have.

    Last week the folks at Marvel decided to whet our appetites with ANOTHER official trailer. Overkill maybe? Of that, I’m not sure because I will go as long as I can without watching this new teaser. I want to roll up to that cinema and be completely surprised.

    What I will say though, is that there is definitely excitement in the air. Memes and Gifs have been floating around the innanets with folks expressing their pleasure and anticipation to see this movie.

    I can totally relate to the satisfaction of seeing my kinfolk star in a major blockbuster movie. Just in case it wasn’t clear. I WANT THIS FILM TO WIN!

    The melanin-rich cast

    So far this year, my favourite movie is Get Out. Next year I want my favourite movie to be Black Panther.

    Now let’s get to the point!

    So my whole motivation for writing this blog post was because in all of the excitement online, there has been a recurring question of what people will wear when they go to watch this movie and I fully endorse this movement. I predict the opening week will be a momentous occasion, so why not dress the part. I mean hardcore sci-fi fans do it for Star Wars and Star Trek right?! I do feel, however, this special occasion will have more of a regal theme.

    I took some time to research appropriate #BlackPantherAttire for we, the people, to wear to the cinema when the movie is officially released.

    Too much maybe? Hells Nah!


    For those who want to link the movie to the original Black Panther movement


    How about some Make-Up Inspiration


    For those who want a more subtle look

    To view more options for #BlackPantherAttire, head to my Pinterest Board by clicking below.

    Feel free to join the conversation and share what you feel would be suitable #BlackPantherAttire when we the people, go to see the movie.

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