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    Betonite Clay Review – Flora & Curl Clay Wash

    Flora and Curl Curl Refresh Clay Wash Bottle

    Bentonite clay treatments are a great way to treat your hair and restore curl definition.

    In its original form, the volcanic ash forms a clay when combined with liquid, which can be applied to your hair and skin. 

    It is also rich in natural minerals such as calcium, zinc, potassium, iron and magnesium.

    When applied to the hair, Bentonite clay can remove toxins and product build up. The benefits can be seen right after you wash it out, with defined curls and softer hair.

    There are several brands of Bentonite Clay, and on this occasion, the brand of choice was Flora & Curl, which was founded by a fellow naturalista.

    Purchased from a boutique natural hair store in North-West London, called Hairitage, I was looking forward to trying a product formulated by someone with hair similar to my own.

    I used their Curl Refresh Clay Wash that is infused with lavender and eucalyptus, so the pleasant scent sets it apart from others used in the past.

    Flora & Curl Curl Refresh Clay Wash Purchased from Hairitage

    The Consistency

    Compared to the other brand I have used in the past (Which we will also review at some point), the powder appeared thinner or more refined which allowed for less clumping when mixed with water. This did mean, however that more powder had to be added to make the clay thicker. 

    For a usual treatment, leaving the clay in for an hour before washing out is the timeframe I stick to, but this time the clay was left in for four hours, just to give the hair some extra love.

    After washing out the Clay Wash, my curls were defined, soft, bouncy and smelled great.

    The Process

    Prepping the Clay:

    The amount of powder you use, depends on how much hair you have. The goal is to make a paste, with very little to no clumps. I usually eye-ball the amounts for each application, but for shoulder length, thicker hair, about 1/3 of a cup (2.6oz) of powder should be ok.

    Gradually add water and mix to remove clumps and to form a liquid paste. You can also add a tablespoon of oils such as olive oil for extra moisture. Some people add apple cider vinegar to enhance the clarifying process (1-2 tablespoons should be good).

    Try to reduce the number of lumps when mixing bentonite clay.

    Applying to the Hair:

    Be warned! It will get messy, so wear an old top, because the clay is likely to drip.

    It’s also best to use your hands to section and apply the clay to your hair.

    Once you have applied the clay to the sections of your hair you can then add any excess clay as another layer and clump the hair together.

    Place a plastic cap on the hair and let it marinate for at least an hour. 🙂

    Close up of Bentonite Clay in Hair

    Washing out the Clay:

    Wash the clay out thoroughly (preferably warm water).

    Once you have washed out the clay, you can wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner.

    When you have completed the wash process, you can then dry and apply your usual moisturising products and style your freshly treated hair.

    The Result

    My hair is thick so I felt I had to add more powder than usual to make the paste to cover my hair. The powder was not as dense as the Bentonite Clay I have used in the past, which means the Flora & Curl Clay Wash would be suitable for someone with thinner or shorter hair like a TWA.

    Much like the other brand we have used, the Flora & Curl Clay Wash did give me defined, soft coils that smelled great. My hair definitely felt clean.

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