• Black Girl with Afro Sitting on a Chair
    Curly Crown Spotlight

    The Emotional Sting of Racism

    One of my earliest experiences with racism was at primary school. I was about 5 or 6 and a classmate told a few of us she was having a birthday party. As she went through her list of who…

  • Curly Crown Spotlight

    Google Confirms the Creators of Cool

    This week Google, the world’s largest search engine, released an ad acknowledging the US Black History Month and is based on historical moments and individuals who are “most searched” for online.  Google is largely recognised as the “go-to” search…

  • Curly Crown Spotlight

    Hair Love – A Short Film Animation

    Hair Love is a touching story about a young girl, named Zuri, whose natural hair is the central theme of the story. First released earlier this year (May 2019) as a picture book, the story was turned into a…